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No, it just goes for what its bidded for, if at all............I have bidded on my brothers stuff (at his request) to bump at the prices for him - which have worked sometimes but not all the time No it is actually 'shill bidding' and is against ebay rules.

I read an article on this about a year ago and it stated that the person who let the shill bidding happen (the seller) was facing prosecution.

But thats my view and no offence meant Regards, I don't and won't do shill bidding.

It's totally unfair, if I want a particular price for an item I begin the bidding at that price - for example I list a fair amount of kids clothes on E-Bay and prepare it as a featured listing - as featured listings cost 9.95 to insert, I'll start the bidding at that price - if anything just to get my money back on the insertion fee!!

Estimates are more reliable the closer a site is to being ranked #1.My OH did this once when asked to by a friend (friend was selling item, not OH) Thing is it backfired and the other bidders didnt top OH's bid so item was unsold and seller wasted his money on aution fees Serves him right really I did this and got caught out by ebay I had my account suspended and it was nearly cancelled, i was selling my car and used my mothers account to bump the price up a little bit as it wasnt moving not something im proud of but ive learnt my lesson and i wont be doing it again.Certified Site Metrics are metrics that are directly-measured from the website instead of estimated.If I wanted or needed a certain price on an item I would either use a reserve, Buy it now or start the listing from that price.Shill bidding is basically the same as when an ISP states something on their website such as say "Unlimited Downloads" and Up To 8Mb speed when in reality you have a limit, and have your rate throttled and are no where near capable of getting 6Mb let alone 8.

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