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It strikes me that the solution to this problem is both simple and elegant and I wish more family court judges had the courage to implement it: simply require an alcoholic parent who wishes to have visitation with his or her child to stop drinking period.I realize and respect that family court judges are loathe to restrict an adult’s legal activities more than is absolutely required.Almost all non alcoholic parents, given a choice between alcohol and their children, would choose their children; it would not even be a difficult decision.Yet we are unwilling to require alcoholic parents to make this choice.Concerns about the alcohol or drug use of a parent are a frequent issue in child custody evaluations.Such concerns often require an assessment by an experienced alcohol/drug counselor.Since such determinations ride on credibility determinations, and since credibility determinations often require lots of witnesses and lots of cross-examination of these witnesses to test credibility, these hearings require substantial docket time and the court is often loath to devote substantial docket time to these issues–especially when the same issue (alcoholic parent’s drinking) keeps arising.Frequently these cases do not resolve until the alcoholic parent’s drinking becomes well documented through an alcohol-related accident–and we can only hope that the children are not around when this accident occurs.

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Fathers Helping Fathers is here to ensure that you know that you are important in your child’s life and that unless a judge tells you you cannot see your child you have a right to be in your child’s life and cannot be shut out of it. Absolutely, we have an ever-growing list of attorneys that we have a relationship with.Parents who are preoccupied with their use/abuse of alcohol or other drugs are often neglectful towards their children.If we accept that alcoholism is a disease (which I do), the cure is simple: don’t consume alcohol.I would allow the other parent to obtain random alcohol testing and one failed test would result in visitation being terminated pending further court order and would result in potential criminal contempt (that is the alcoholic parent would be subject to incarceration for drinking).While such a choice seems harsh it is actually most reasonable.

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