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Michelle Ingrid Williams (born September 9, 1980) is an American actress.She began her career with television guest appearances, and made her feature film debut in Lassie (1994), which earned her a Youth in Film Award nomination.

Unlike others, including the director, Williams did not find the film depressing. I find them comforting because they make me feel less alone." As the lead actress of Wendy and Lucy, she enjoyed the documentary style of the film.

"If you weren't looking for them, you would miss the movies that I've made that I'm proud of." Asked if her roommate role was interesting to play, Williams said: "I think what it needed to be was helpful.

Somebody to stand like this [punches her hand] so that she [Ricci] could keep smacking up against it." Williams rounded out the year in The Station Agent.

She portrayed the protagonist, an unnamed adulterous British mother who loses her husband and son in the attack.

In his The Independent review, Robert Hanks called it "sloppy" and said Williams deserved better.

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