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Whereas Jonas and Hugo, Oskar's brothers, had built large mansion-like homes among the foothills of the Majestic Mountains to the east of town, Oskar had taken one of the older buildings in town, had it remodeled, and settled his family there.

Oskar had always felt that to truly know a town and its people one must live amongst them, work with them, eat with them, and enjoy life with them.

He had taken a job in the fire department after he and Olivia had married, shortly after she had graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane.

They already had twin daughters, who Gwen and Oskar had taken in for the first two years of their life, until Olivia had finished school and Vincent had settled on a career.

As she always did on this evening each year, she reminisced about her life in Regal Bay, reflecting on the life she'd made for herself and her children. She had married into a family that took very seriously the concept of love in a tight knit family.

As she rocked, looking out across the sparkling bay waters, she couldn't recall the last time she'd driven a car.

It was on this night, twelve years ago now, that she lost Oskar to a heart attack at just 65 years of age.

Gwen was now 63, having celebrated her birthday earlier in the summer.

She had married Oskar when she was only 22, and he was a seasoned 36.

They didn't begin their family for nearly six years, during which time Gwen had delighted in the attention all three Van Winkle brothers gave her, as well as various other men, and a few women, in the extended family.

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