Bosco wong myolie wu really dating

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Bosco said he has been very unhappy and hid himself away.He thanked his friends for flying to China to comfort him, in which he cried for several days.The breakup had occurred several months ago, before he headed to China to film 面包树上的女人) .Bosco was known to be generous with Myolie with his money, paying the down payment for her Audi car earlier.She believes she needs to change herself and has been trying hard to use different eye expressions when acting and finally shows some improvements when filming Legal Mavericks (踩過界) series. During the shooting, she needs to show different expressions such as happy, sad, angry and depressed which satisfies the director and client.Asking if Sisley has any confidence to win TV Queen, she says: "Many people give me confidence and I will try my best to believe in myself." Asking about On Yee's ups and downs experience, it is hard blow for her when she loses to Reanne Evans by 0 to 6 during WLBS in 2014.Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) announced that he and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) have ended their 8-year relationship!In a Commercial Radio interview with Eileen Cha (查小欣), Bosco’s voice was emotional as he made the shocking announcement that he and Myolie have parted ways peacefully.

Sisley joins the showbiz through Hong Kong beauty pageant 4 years ago and is heavily groomed but is surrounded by negative gossips all the way.Asked whether he had considered Myolie to be a life-long partner, Bosco said, “You can say that.” Asked whether Bosco had tried to repair the relationship and change Myolie’s mind, he replied, “Yes, I did.” Asked what was Myolie’s reaction, Bosco said, “We are mature individuals, so we discussed it and did not argue.” Coming to this stage, did he think that he will be able to pursue Myolie once again?Bosco said, “It will depend on fate, which is destined. I have tried my best already.” Bosco Felt Depressed Bosco and Myolie’s breakup allegedly occurred several months ago, before he headed to Mainland China to film .Eileen Cha pressed further in her interview, “Why did you hide yourself away, were you thinking of methods?This incident advanced to this stage, did you ask why?

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