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You would think that the floor to ceiling darkness would be oppressive but coupled with ornate cream rugs that covered most of the red veined marble floor, it just felt regal.We only worked at night, due to our cliental being, for the most part royalty and corporate titans, they needed somewhere to relax and let off steam.Unlike the three separate ones that I had, she only had one representing this house. The delicate series of lines that made up a swirling P sate on her lower spine above her pert ass, no bigger than half my pinkie finger.

I turned back to my mirror and added thick black liner to my mascara and smoky lids, making my pale skin stand out.

The serving girls are already there" she spoke softly.

"Yes mistress" I replied my voice stronger than I'd expected. The Royal Suites were on the top floor and were the most opulent of the rooms we had.

I woke to Kinsey yelling at another girl to get out of the bathroom. I'd been taken from my parents and sold in to sexual slavery as payment for debts that my father had accumulated and until I'd earned that back I wasn't free to leave.

We went for breakfast and then started our preparation for the evening. Thankfully, through good behaviour and my unique looks, I was able to climb the ranks from the horrid squalor I was originally condemned to.

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