Chelsea clinton dating anyone

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During her teenage years, she was so active and involved—pursuing a role in the Model United Nations, practicing for theater and ballet performances, and even attending math camp—that she reportedly earned the Secret Service code name "Energy." In April 1995, Chelsea made what some called a "debut" to the national media, when she joined her mother on a tour of India.The press gave her positive reviews and made special note of her intelligence and compassion.Entering an awkward, adolescent phase of her life didn't help matters, and the young Clinton often endured jokes about her appearance.As a result of the intense publicity, the Clintons developed an unspoken pact with the press that Chelsea was strictly off limits.“I just hope that I will be as good a mom to my child and hopefully children as my mom was to me,” Clinton said at the event.

Mezvinsky, who was a longtime friend, fellow Stanford alum and son of two former members of Congress, proposed over the Thanksgiving holiday.

In 1997, Chelsea made the decision to attend Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, with the intention of studying pre-med.

Now an adult, she became a frequent topic in the press, who made headlines out of her romantic relationships with fellow student Matthew Pierce, as well as former White House intern Jeremy Kane.

Hillary interrupted her schedule to talk to Chelsea when she came home from school, helped out on class field trips and frequently left loving messages at Forest Park Elementary School for Chelsea while she was away on business.

Determined to foster independence and intellectual curiosity, the Clintons often pushed Chelsea hard to succeed.

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