Cost of updating health care technology

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The technology being appraised is listed in the scope of an appraisal under 'intervention'.NICE can only make recommendations about the intervention being appraised.We classify our recommendations into 5 categories: recommended, optimised, only in research, not recommended and recommended for use in the CDF.More information about the five categories In addition to these 5 categories, an appraisal committee may make a preliminary recommendation to seek clarification from the manufacturer or sponsor on the key evidence submitted for a technology.

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cost of updating health care technology-58

Technology appraisals take one of two forms: The NHS is legally obliged to fund and resource medicines and treatments recommended by NICE's technology appraisals.

Participation in clinical trials and subsequent access to drugs appraised by NICE - a statement on the applicability of technology appraisal guidance.

Patients taking part in clinical trials may receive drugs which have been evaluated by NICE technology appraisal guidance.

We are asked to look at particular drugs and devices when availability varies across the country.

This may be because of different local prescribing or funding policies, or because there is confusion or uncertainty over its value.

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