Dating fighting games

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Along with them, Kinderparty, and SBK, we are all doing Marvel Lives podcasts.We are here to show that this game still has bite and deserves to be seen.

But at the same time it’s going to be harder because I’ll be more drained during the winter. The gaming industry spreads to many different things you can be interested in, and it’ll all be related whether it’s storytelling or gaming design and things like that.

The things we’ve been working on in the background are coming together and growing into something awesome.

So I have a lot of things going on, but I have a good time doing it. That’s when it gets a little crazy, going to work every day and working on these projects after, because they are what my heart is invested into.

It’s going to be me staying motivated and surrounding myself with people who push me. I want to have something within the industry so I never have to stop playing videogames.

That’s why I’m glad to team up with the Marvel Essentials guys because it puts more motivation on me. That’s just the person I am; I don’t want to fall behind. And I feel like I have what it takes, but I never knew the right way to make it happen, so I just try my best to focus on little things that’ll build to that point.

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