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Color television had its beginnings in the late 1940s alongside black and white television.It was not a commercially viable until the early 1950s.In comedy, there are at least a thousand ways to die on stage.Laughing Dead is a podcast where comedians talk candidly about their worst ever gigs.Wilson and the National Production Authority due to scarcity of metals and the conflict in Korea [6]. And on December 17th, the FCC approved color specifications from the National Television System Committee (NTSC) for a color system compatible with existing black and white sets [8]. For a variety of reasons, including a lack of adequate production facilities for color television sets, the expense involved in converting existing television stations to color transmissions, and the cost of color sets for the general public, the adoption of color television was slow.During the first six months of 1954, fewer than 8,500 color television sets were manufactured in the United States [9].However, word of the test was withheld until early December on orders from AT&T [5].On October 25th, manufacturing of color television was put on hold at the request of Defense Mobilizer Charles E.

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An April 1961 editorial in magazine entitled “The Time Has Come for Togetherness on Color” noted that in the seven years since the FCC approved color standards, the “black-and-white television system […] has passed the peak of its growth.” Color, on the other hand, “is still in the egg, and only skillful and expensive handling will get it out of the egg and on its feet.” The editorial called for “color activity at both the transmitting and receiving ends.It’s a podcast for people who love comedy and comedians…and hearing stories that make you laugh while you cringe!People won’t buy color sets to see a majority of programs in the same shades of gray the old table top model in the corner delivers” [14].However, even as NBC was increasing its color output, CBS was placing the impetus in the hands of the advertiser.

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