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Zugzwang most often occurs in the endgame when the number of pieces, and so the number of possible moves, is reduced, and the exact move chosen is often critical. White, on move, must retreat his king, when Black is out of danger. Whenever the white king is on d4 with White to move, the black king must be on d6 to prevent the advance of the white king. The first diagram shows the simplest possible example of zugzwang. In many cases, the player having the move can put the other player in zugzwang by using triangulation. Pieces other than the king can also triangulate to achieve zugzwang, such as in the Philidor position. Reliable hosting companies will 1 month free on purchase of a one year package.

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Call up or e-mail the person you hold accountable and get the details. Let your friend talk about what he or she did, why, and how your friend feels about it? When we can be honest with others about the sin that so easily entangles us, it opens us up to receive care, encouragement, and wisdom from others.Each time you receive a Report, here’s a quick checklist of things you should do as a good Accountability Partner. Talk beforehand with the person you hold accountable and ask, “What are the red flags I need to be looking for? Look for patterns in your friend’s life that seem to lead to inappropriate Internet use. Sometimes others need to be brought into the accountability relationship: a spouse, parent, mentor, counselor, or spiritual leader.Download the checklist to keep for quick reference. ” Learn how to read all the sections of the Accountability Report. If your friend is willing to talk about something he or she is ashamed of, this is itself a step in the right direction. Look for small changes over time and point out that you notice them. Does temptation strike in a certain place, a time of day, when he or she is in a certain mood, or after a certain event? Ask your friend, “What do you have to gain in life by avoiding these temptations? Ask your friend, “If you continue doing this over and over, what do you stand to lose in your life? Recognize when you need help or when others need to know.The British master George Walker analyzed a similar position in the same endgame, giving a maneuver that resulted in the superior side reaching the initial position, but now with the inferior side on move and in zugzwang. Walker wrote of the superior side's decisive move: "throwing the move upon Black, in the initial position, and thereby winning". The great majority of positions are of the first type.

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