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Goodbye, reruns of "Friends." Hello, "Freaks and Geeks."Sometimes, if you're in a rut, you just need a new perspective.So what could be better than dating someone who, by default, thinks differently from you?If you are a little more reserved, understand that the aloofness might confuse your partner, so open up to him or her more.Taking the time to get to know the differences in the way you both communicate will help your relationship go far. If you're lucky, you'll have some really great, really memorable relationships through which you learn a lot, experience a lot and change for the better.

Are you a little more direct with your feelings, or are you a bit more reserved?

At some point, all people should date someone who's vastly different from them. Dating your opposite might be a challenge, sure, but the best things in life don't come easy. The best part about a relationship with your polar opposite will be all the new perspectives.

Because as you make your way through that relationship, you'll feel yourself becoming a better, more open-minded, more well-rounded individual. There's nothing that strengthens your own opinions more (or makes you question them more) than having someone challenge them.

They feel like their relationship has lost that spark, that drive and that they've settled into an irreversible, monotonous routine.

When you date your polar opposite, this won't happen.

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