Dating men in taiwan

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Your career, all your life becomes a risk, and people want to avoid this risk. By year 2020, there will be 500,000 more men than women at a marriageable age.People have more choices now - to have a family, to bear children, it's not a priority anymore. So actually, women will have a better chance on the marriage market.After that, they go into the job market and they work on their career. It isn’t like before: Marriage used to be a fulfilment, but now it has become a risk.

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That gap of expectations between men and women is large and Taiwanese men need to catch up.Now there are many other avenues to a satisfied life. After age 40, only about 10 percent of women and 15 percent of men are still unmarried.Before, marriage was the only way to have a happy life. Lydia still lives with her parents – and so do her three siblings and they are all in their thirties. Parents always tend to keep a close eye on their children.Whether you're in a relationship or not - that's your own business, right?Well, true, but in Taiwan, it's something in which both researchers and the government are very interested.

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