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SCP-2570: Corpse of recently deceased musician Django Reinhardt removed from containment and appropriated for use in a specially modified drilling mechanism, utilizing the corrosive substance constantly generated by the dimensional portal co-located with the corpse.

Borehole reaching the Earth's upper mantle successfully completed by November 1953.

Initial approval given for production of 10,000 cubic meters of precursor; later increased to 250,000 cubic meters.

SCP-1921: Basis of design for equipment used in refinement of Compound Z21-Violet, utilizing principles of chemical reactions involving anomalous substances and alteration of cognitive functions over distance and area.

This perception is theorized to affect the intent of SCP-001 and reduce the focus of its actions.

The scientific principles by which this is achieved are unknown at this time.

SCP-2798 is the result of a Foundation project, initiated in 1954 and completed in 1971, designed to contain SCP-001.

SCP-2798 has been partially successful in ameliorating the effects of SCP-001; however, the intensity of SCP-2798 has been decreasing at a geometric rate since 2005, and is expected to fail entirely in the near future (see Addendum 2798.5).

Incidence rates of this disorder have been proven to track with fluctuations in the intensity of SCP-2798, which is believed to cause the disorder in sensitive individuals due to its large-scale chemical and anomalous effects on the perception of self across multiple types of intelligent entity.

Addendum 2798.1 - Project Serapis History After the discovery and classification of SCP-001 in 1953, approval for deployment of several SCP classified anomalous objects was granted by the Overwatch Command Subcommittee for Emergency Containment.

These objects were used in the course of Project Serapis, an initiative to contain SCP-001 by means of interfering with the entity's perception of Earth.

Periodic monitoring of SCP-2798 is to be performed at least once every three months, with all data transmitted immediately upon collection to Overwatch Command.

Description: SCP-2798 is an anomalous energy field generated by Earth since 1971.

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