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The researchers also found that men were more likely to find true love on the internet than women.

Some 67 per cent of men but just 57 per cent of women said they had experienced consummate love with an online partner.

But even back then, Apple was pushing mobile devices – the e Mate 300 in this case, which used Apple’s Newton platform.

At the time, Microsoft was actually trying – and they would keep developing IE until they released version 6, after which they stopped development, leaving the Web to stagnate.Sixty-two per cent agreed that it was easier to meet someone on a dating site than in other ways, such as in a pub or club, or through friends.At the same time, the under-35s were more likely to know someone who had been on a date or had a long-term relationship with someone they met through online dating.The survey also found that and Dating Direct were the most popular dating websites.Jess Ross, editor of uk, said: 'Online dating is revolutionising the way people meet each other.

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