Dating with brain injury

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When I made it after what felt like an eternity, I waited to hear my husband's diagnosis.The neurosurgeon took me to a waiting room and told me, "Mrs. He will never wake up, walk or talk again."He suggested I take Tony off of the ventilator, but I wouldn't.I had flown there to stay with my sister and her husband, who was stationed in the area.

It was October 9, 2010, and my daughter and I were chatting about meeting for lunch to catch up. It was summertime in the 70's in Lemoore, CA, and it was nearing an end.

I couldn't force myself to take one more step in that direction, so I turned around and ran back into the airport to call my sister.

The next day, back in Lemoore, we all went to a Navy picnic.

A fall down the stairs, a car crash, a sports injury or an explosive blast can all cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). But in the days or weeks following the hit, they can develop other serious, chronic conditions, such as depression and thinking and memory problems.

Now scientists report a potential way to reduce these effects with a neuron-targeting nanoparticle, using an animal model of TBI.

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