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Failing responses will have an appropriate status and a JSON body containing more details about a particular error.The expected type for each value is specified and unlisted values should be considered immutable.In addition to establishing standards for student conduct, the student code of conduct must:(1) specify the circumstances, in accordance with this subchapter, under which a student may be removed from a classroom, campus, disciplinary alternative education program, or vehicle owned or operated by the district;(2) specify conditions that authorize or require a principal or other appropriate administrator to transfer a student to a disciplinary alternative education program;(3) outline conditions under which a student may be suspended as provided by Section 37.005 or expelled as provided by Section 37.007;(4) specify that consideration will be given, as a factor in each decision concerning suspension, removal to a disciplinary alternative education program, expulsion, or placement in a juvenile justice alternative education program, regardless of whether the decision concerns a mandatory or discretionary action, to:(A) self-defense;(B) intent or lack of intent at the time the student engaged in the conduct;(C) a student's disciplinary history; or(D) a disability that substantially impairs the student's capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of the student's conduct;(5) provide guidelines for setting the length of a term of:(A) a removal under Section 37.006; and(B) an expulsion under Section 37.007;(6) address the notification of a student's parent or guardian of a violation of the student code of conduct committed by the student that results in suspension, removal to a disciplinary alternative education program, or expulsion;(7) prohibit bullying, harassment, and making hit lists and ensure that district employees enforce those prohibitions; and(8) provide, as appropriate for students at each grade level, methods, including options, for:(A) managing students in the classroom, on school grounds, and on a vehicle owned or operated by the district;(B) disciplining students; and(C) preventing and intervening in student discipline problems, including bullying, harassment, and making hit lists.(b) In this section:(1) "Bullying" has the meaning assigned by Section 37.0832.(2) "Harassment" means threatening to cause harm or bodily injury to another student, engaging in sexually intimidating conduct, causing physical damage to the property of another student, subjecting another student to physical confinement or restraint, or maliciously taking any action that substantially harms another student's physical or emotional health or safety.(3) "Hit list" means a list of people targeted to be harmed, using:(A) a firearm, as defined by Section 46.01(3), Penal Code;(B) a knife, as defined by Section 46.01(7), Penal Code; or(C) any other object to be used with intent to cause bodily harm.(b-1) The methods adopted under Subsection (a)(8) must provide that a student who is enrolled in a special education program under Subchapter A, Chapter 29, may not be disciplined for conduct prohibited in accordance with Subsection (a)(7) until an admission, review, and dismissal committee meeting has been held to review the conduct.(c) Once the student code of conduct is promulgated, any change or amendment must be approved by the board of trustees.(d) Each school year, a school district shall provide parents notice of and information regarding the student code of conduct.(e) Except as provided by Section 37.007(e), this subchapter does not require the student code of conduct to specify a minimum term of a removal under Section 37.006 or an expulsion under Section 37.007.

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HTTP bearer authentication must be constructed using an API token, passed as the Authorization header for each request, for example header to facilitate tracking and debugging.of the first business day after the day the disciplinary action is taken, a campus behavior coordinator shall mail written notice of the action to the parent or guardian at the parent's or guardian's last known address.(f) If a campus behavior coordinator is unable or not available to promptly provide notice under Subsection (d), the principal or other designee shall provide the notice.A campus behavior coordinator must comply with this subsection by:(1) promptly contacting the parent or guardian by telephone or in person; and(2) making a good faith effort to provide written notice of the disciplinary action to the student, on the day the action is taken, for delivery to the student's parent or guardian.(e) If a parent or guardian entitled to notice under Subsection (d) has not been reached by telephone or in person by 5 p.m.Each account has a pool of request tokens that can hold at most 2400 tokens.Tokens are added to the account pool at a rate of roughly 20 per minute (or 1200 per hour), up to a maximum of 2400.

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