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between the layers, and second, because the sheer size and extent of the layers tells us that they could not have been formed by rivers, nor river deltas.That's because many of the "layers" are quite thick and cover literally thousands of square miles.When the mixture slows down, the sand, mud and clay will spontaneously precipitate (or settle out) and form individual layers.A turbidity current is an underwater mud flow, the discovery of which caused somewhat of a revolution in geology.They are often in the form of fossil trees that were buried upright and which often cross multiple layers of strata such as sandstone, shale, limestone and even They range in size from small rootlets to trees over 80 feet long.Sometimes they are oblique (or at an angle to) the surrounding strata, but more often they are perpendicular with (or standing 'upright' in) it.Such evidences are found in numerous places on virtually every Continent.

This hot mud flow not only diverted the river, but carved a 17 mile long series of canyons (up to 140 feet deep) in a matter of hours.

Was the great majority of the world's sedimentary strata laid down by a single Worldwide Deluge in a short amount of time, or is the evolutionary scenario of slow change, acting over eons of TIME and the associated Geological Time Chart (with its millions and millions of years) a more accurate account of Earth history and how we came to be?

The following are 18 Evidences of either massive flooding and erosion, extremely rapid layering of strata, or direct evidence of a Worldwide Flood.

"These dikes...(may) penetrate horizontal sedimentary strata (or) they may occur... The process of formation of a clastic dike is analogous to wet sand oozing up between ones toes, but on a much larger scale." Clastic dikes present a problem to the "mythions of years" mindset of evolution in that massive "older" sediments are found intruding up into overlying younger strata.

This must have occurred while the "older" sediments were still in a plastic state. yet we have an example of sediments which are said to be 80 million years older than those above them, and yet they still had not become hard, but were in a wet and plastic state when an earth movement caused them to be forced up into the (supposedly much)Such things not only present serious problems for the evolutionary method of "dating", but also tell us that something is wrong with the millions of years mindset of evolutionary theory itself, and thus cause strong suspicion that we are not being told the truth by the mass media, nor the "Scientific" community of believers in evolution.

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