Disable validating identity on wireless

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For more information on these features, see the relevant entries in these Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have problems accessing a financial site, or receiving update information, your Fast Connect™ services are probably being blocked by a firewall or anti-virus application.

The backup file will be PIN protected so make sure to remember the PIN you are using at the time you create the backup.

Once a location is determined, click to “Save,” and the “ You can’t.

However, if the customer takes the few seconds to create the secure backup, all they need do is browse to the location where they stored the backup file, enter their PIN, and click to · Select a location to save the backup file – usually the Desktop, but a removable storage device, such as a flash drive, is perfect.

Once created, the backup file can even be e-mailed to the individual.

Your Fast Connect™ automatically signs in to your online accounts when you enter your PIN, so your information is always safe from keystroke-logging malware designed to capture your sign-in credentials.

"Phishing" is the term for the act of identity thieves attempting to capture private information by using emails and cleverly falsified web sites to entice persons to enter personal information.

The email usually contains a link to a fake website that looks authentic.If you are using Fast Connect ™ and have stored your account information, before Fast Connect™ allows your account to open, it will check the internet address of the banking link.If it doesn’t match the address(es) we have on record for the bank, you will see a warning telling you that we do not recognize this as a legitimate website for that bank, and will not open the account.If not – It is probable that our services are being blocked by a firewall or piece of security software on your computer.If our PIN service cannot communicate with your computer, your secure accounts will not open, and if our Update service cannot communicate, you will not receive Updates to the database or other services.

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