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While free chat is great for promoting yourself on the site, we know you have a life and don't necessarily want to chat with members all day.You should spend as much time in free chat as possible, but when you're busy doing other stuff or just want to relax, you can enable Our models earn 37.5% as a model commission and rewards models for selling higher-priced private shows.The principles are that BDSM activities should be: safe: attempts should be made to identify and prevent risks to health sane: activities should be undertaken in a sane and sensible frame of mind consensual: all activities should involve the full consent of all parties involved. Safe words should be honored, communication is important! We use Payoneer for international direct deposit and for payment via prepaid debit card.Payoneer works in almost every country on Earth, so if you live outside the United States, this is a great way to get paid.I love to try my best to satisfy you with out limits so don 't be shy to ask !!!

Your personal information, such as address, phone number and real name, will NEVER appear on our website and will NEVER be shared with customers.

If you don't have a Payoneer account, you can sign up for free via the link in your model account.

Please use the link in your model account, rather than signing up directly with Payoneer.

I have been active in BDSM since I was 18, and have close to 7 years of experience. No impact toys will be used on my face or genitals. I have the right to say no to anything I do not consider safe and sane play, or that breaks site rules. I have the right to charge extra for things that go above and beyond the normal scope of a show (make a mess) or cause extra wear and tear on my body.

A Few Things about BDSM play---In the BDSM community, safe, sane and consensual (SSC) are common principles guiding relationships and activities.

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    Ultimately the tone of the conversation will be determined by you and whomever you choose to chat with (or chooses to chat with you).

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