Emily haines jimmy shaw still dating

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It became their first album to hit the Top 50 in the U.

S., all the way at number 12, and climbed to number two in Canada.

We exchange a few words, wander off, then come back at our allotted time and are asked to please wait in this alleyway alongside the theatre. After a short few minutes, as we squint into the sun, we see a couple of familiar figures coming down the box-gorge between the warehouse buildings.

Sure enough it’s Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw, and they’re ready to talk as bluntly as you like about their lives, and particularly their view of the ‘industry’; the things that have led them to do things very firmly their own way, even at the expense of being seen as slight oddities. Slightly surreally, Emily suggests that we take ourselves for a leisurely walk along the towpath of the Rochdale Canal onto which the theatre backs. Obama had just been elected, whereas 2012 is a much darker time, there is a lot of anxiety, fear and unrest in the world. Musically you evolve and absorb what is around you.

Metric‘s new album Synthetica has been out for a week or two.

Not unexpectedly it went into the Canadian charts at number 2, but also, and more significantly, entered the US Billboard chart at 12.

Scott-Key was soon invited to join Metric, as was bassist Joshua Winstead, who had attended the same Texas school. and began working with their new rhythm section, Metric decided that the pop-oriented, electronic sound of Grow Up and Blow Away was no longer representative of their music.

Metric's members moved to Los Angeles while trying to sort out their deal with Restless, with Haines and Shaw returning to Toronto for a spell to work with their old friends Amy Millan and Kevin Drew in the group Broken Social Scene. Metric subsequently parted ways with Restless and took the masters for Grow Up with them.

After its release in 1998, the two relocated to Brooklyn, New York, and collaborated occasionally with Torquil Campbell and Chris Seligman of the group Stars, which later included Amy Millan.Fantasies became the group's most successful album to date, selling 250,000 albums in less than a year, going platinum in Canada, and spawning a Top 20 single on the American rock charts without the benefit of a label.The album's success led to them winning 2010 Juno Awards for Band of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year.It was followed in 2005 by Live It Out, another successful release, and the group embarked on a lengthy international tour before taking a hiatus.During the break, Haines went on an extended vacation in Argentina and made guest appearances on albums by the Stills and Jason Collett, in addition to releasing two records with her solo project Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton.

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