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Nick Lachey has also been public about his support for Republican politicians.

Maybe me Google skills don't match yours, but it seems like Laila Ali, Terry Crews, Picabo Street and Eve Torres have kept politics out of their public profiles.

Due to an odd number of teams, a Bonus Shootout was held where the team with the fastest time in the first mission would compete for immunity in the second mission. The second squad consists of Dean and Picabo finishing with the fastest time of .

The final squad of Nick and Terry finished a time slower than the mark set by Todd/Laila.

The third mission was called Rapid Detonation with the first squad of Eve and Dean with the fastest time of .

Street finished the mission in a time of approximately of .Our commenters inspired a little research this week. My own experience suggests that most people who work in entertainment are way more concerned with their own employment than politics and that most show biz folks are uncomfortable when Sean Penn or Charlton Heston start running their mouths.Executive producer Mark Burnett is a foreigner and executive producer Dick Wolf went to Yale with President George W. You can find plenty of attacks on Dick from both the extreme right and the extreme left online, attacks that the guy probably laughs at while he's cashing those syndication checks.The Rescue Team picked Quince up and Todd completed the mission with the help of the two operatives in a time of .The third squad of Nick and Eve completed their mission in a time around .

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