Formview itemupdating event

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As Grid Views cannot add new records to the database, the first stage is to add functionality to do just that.Today we were talking about using new databound controls in 2.0, i have been trying to persuade my partner to use these controls but he has been refusing and saying that those controls are not flexible enough.This tutorial requires you to download the Form Views starter project.The project already has some functionality - it displays a list of books in a Grid View on the home page and certain other pages.My Data Source for the detailed Form View is linked to the Grid View by the details Object Data Source whiche looks like the following: When I update the record on the Form View by ussing the Form View. Update Item, the modified item is shown on the form view but the changes are not reflected on the master Grid View. If your question is specific to a language (C# or Visual Basic) or type of application (Windows Forms or ASP. When posting here, provide details regarding the Microsoft .

You can just bind your controls to data field in the markup, its great. It won't work the same way as having the sql data source in the markup. Well here is a trick to do it: For example, to Update, handle the Form View's Item Updating event, and then loop through each value in the Update Parameters list in the sqldatasource, and manually assign each value from e. Private Sub frm Data_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

After editing the data contained in the detailed form page, a user can click the save button at which point the Form View’s ASP. NET button click event in the traditional way: When the click event executes, the Form View Update event has already taken place and saved the form results. NET update button’s click event: Protected Sub bt Update Button_Click(sender As Object, e As System.

NET Update event is triggered, and then subsequently the button’s click event fires. NET button Item Updating click event executes I want the Grid View of the parent page to refresh itself to display the modified data, which is not easily possible in ASP. Therefore one can register a Java Script call that is dynamically built at the server side using the ‘Client Script. Event Args) Dim str Value As String = CType(bt FVContract Detail By Detail. Text Dim str Value Detail As String = bt Hdn Value Detail Id.

Here is an example: Function Get SQLData Source() As Sql Data Source Dim sql Return As Sql Data Source = Nothing Try sql Return = New Sql Data Source sql Return.

Connection String = My Connection String 'Build Select Command and Parameter List sql Return.

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