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Naturally, the first that come to mind in this scenario would be the excellent and popular Instagram, or Yahoo’s own Flickr app, which we reviewed here.

But this time, let’s set those popular choices aside and take a look at some great, not-so-known free camera apps for the i Phone. Created by the popular service Photobucket, Snapbucket for i Phone is as much a camera app as it is a photo editing app.

Additionally, you can also view the different filters available, as well as a nice camera stabilization feature.

Another nice feature of Camera Awesome is the ability to tap to lock-in focus and exposure, which can be very handy for pictures with many elements on the screen.

Holmes and his partner have developed i Engineer, an app that offers a database of screw and bolt information.

Currently an i Phone app, i Engineer will be available for the i Pad soon, he says. David Knezevic is a computational science lecturer at the Harvard Institute for Applied Computational Science and was previously a post-doc in MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering, which developed an application to perform simulations on a smart phone.

While most of us are aware of apps such as Angry Birds, Spotify, or Foursquare, how many are familiar with apps that could make an engineering task easier?

In my testing, I found Camera360 to be the most complete of the bunch, but you might like any of the other for their specific features as well.

"Apps liberate engineers to do analysis on site, away from their desktop," he says. With new apps being launched daily, it's hard to keep track of what's popular in any specific category.

"When you are on site and you get new data, you can test it and do some quick engineering calculations right there on your tablet." Mobile as a platform, says Knezevic, is becoming more and more appealing and ubiquitous as phones and tablets are becoming more and more popular. There are many cool apps designed with engineers in mind, but broadly they can be categorized into apps for engineering calculations, design simulations, or reference.

The good thing is, since all of them are free, there’s nothing stopping you from trying them all.

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