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Scoreboard Scoreboard Pointers Submitting Material To Rainbow Received And Certified 120 235 188 These Fine Stores. 190 158 159 155 _81 270 PRODUCT REVIEWS Product Review Contents March 1985 Vol. 8 185 _ Editor and Publisher Lawrence C Falk rianaging Editor James E Reed Senior Editor Courtney Noe Technical Editor Dan Downard Submissions Editor Jutta Kapfhammer Copy Editor Tamara Solley I leviews Editor Monica Dorth editorial Assistants Jody Doyle. Don Inman, Joseph Kolar, Michael Plog, Dale Puckett. 40059 Phone (502) 228-4492 THE rainbow and the rainbow logotypes are • Irademarks ol FALSOFT. Second class postage paid Prospect, KY and additional offices. basic and the c Compiler programs for my Co Co (with two Radio Shack disk drives).Wendy Falk, Debbie Hartley, Belinda Kirby, Suzanne Benish Kurowsky, Lynn Miller. Fran Saito, Paul Searby, Fred Scerbo, Richard White Art Director Sally Gellhaus Assistant Art Director Jerry Mc Kiernan designers Neal C Lauron, Eileen O'Malley. The documentation 1 received with these pack- ages left a great deal to be desired.

Kent Maneth Manhattan, KS Editor's Note: The speed-up poke poke 65495, switches the Co Co from its normal speed mode into one where the computer runs at twice its normal speed much of the time. AL March 1985 THE RAINBOW Combine the Color Computer 2 and the new At 9.95, Our Best Color Computer 2 Has a Lot of People Talking Radio Shack's most powerful Color Computer 2 has always been a popular topic among computer enthusiasts.We'll also include games and a program designed for helping you write animated graphics. All programs herein are distributed in an "as is" basis, without warranty of any kind whatsoever. 1 don't need to explain the well- publicized problem of "software piracy." Disks are easily copied, and the only thing needed becomes the manual.For hardware hackers, we'll feature such projects as a Color BASIC ROM switch that allows you to install two different versions of Color BASIC into your computer. Authorized as second class postage paid from Hamilton. Understanda- bly, software authors publishers are cautious about requests for manuals especially since most of our disks are not copy- protected, for the user's convenience.You must also be careful of Olduglysea- woman who will appear at higher difficulty levels to chuck empties at you. PLUS PLUS P Model 100 8K 9 Model 100 24K 0 Color Computer II W/16K Ext. Basic 9 Tandy 1000 9 Tandy 1200 95 Color Computer Disk Drive Drive 9 Drive 1 0 DWP210 9 DWP510 95 BIG SAVINGS ON A FULL COMPLEMENT OF RADIO SHA CK COMPUTER PRODUCTS COMPUTERS Model 4 Portable 970 Model 4 970 Model 1000 999 Model 1200 2595 Model 2000 2 Drive 2299 MODEMS Hayes Smartmodem II 215 Radio Shack AC-3 125 Radio Shack DC Modem I 89 Radio Shack DC Modem II 160 Radio Shack DC Modem 2212 315 PRINTERS Radio Shack TRP100 229 Radio Shack DMP105 160 Radio Shack DMP110 305 Radio Shack DMP430 660 Radio Shack CGP220 Ink Jet 545 Silver Reed EXP500 D. 430 Star Gemini 10X 289 Star Gemini Powertype 345 Panasonic P1091 315 C. 69 64K Upgrade Kit 49 Radio Shack Deluxe Keyboard 35.95 HJL Keyboard 79.95 Radio Shack CCR-81 Recorder 52 Radio Shack Del. CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-143-8124 • LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES • BEST POSSIBLE WARRANTY • KNOWLEDGEABLE SALES STAFF • TIMELY DELIVERY • SHOPPING CONVENIENCE VISA com P. Box 1094 480 King Street Littleton, MA 01460 SINCE 1973 IN MASSACHUSETTS CALL (617) 486-3193 TRS-80 is a registered trademark of Tandy Corp.Either avoid the flying bottles or punch them (with the fire button) to keep from being knocked into the water. Itoh Prowriter 8510 320 Okidata and Epson CALL ETC. Joystick (each)35.95 Radio Shack Joysticks (pair) 22 Video Plus (monitor adapter) 24.95 Video Plus IIC 39.95 Amdek Color 300 265 Amdek Video 300 Green 145 Amdek Video 300 Amber 159 Taxan Color 220 Monitor 245 Taxan 115 Green 125 Taxan 116 Amber 129 Radio Shack VM-2 139 SOFTWARE The Sailor Man The King Buzzard Bait Worlds of Flight (Tape Version) 29.95 26.95 27.95 29.95 Dolorpede 29.95 Juniors Revenge 28.95 ac Attack 24.95 3lock Head 26.95 Rover Patrol 24.95 .ancer 24.95 Typing Tutor 23.95 3alagon 24.95 Scott Adams Adventures 19.95 5ea Dragon 34.95 Solorcome 49.95 Telewriter 64 49.95 Deft Pascal (disk) 79.95 :lite-Calc 59.95 VIP Writer (tape 8i disk) 69.95 VIP Calc (tape & disk) 69.95 VIP Terminal (tape & disk) 49.95 VIP Database (disk) 59.95 VIP Integrated Library (disk) 149.95 Sraphicom (disk) 29.95 Order any 2 software pieces listed and take 10% off their listed price. Under The 106 131 Cover art© by Fred Crawford [~^~j The small cassette tape sym- Lc=s J bols beside features and regular columns indicate that the program listings with those articles are on this month's RAINBOW ON TAPE, ready to CLOfl D and RUN.

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