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Whether they are from Thailand, Japan, China or the Philippines, these girls are all some of the sweetest in the world.Imagine to be forced to be with only German skinny short haired girls with their stupid round glasses!Everyone knows it’s usually for the purpose of sex, but that part of the transaction (the tip) is behind closed doors.

Do you see anybody you would like to know better here?The cost of barfines in the Philippines varies from place to place.The cheapest are around 1200 pesos (), while the most might be around 4,000 ().In Cebu in some bars the girl keeps the whole barfine, and no tip is required as the cost of sex is included in a larger barfine (3000 – 4000). In Angeles the girls keep a bit under half of the barfine, and all of the tip.In Manila often the bar keeps 100% of the barfine, and the tip is larger.

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