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He doesn’t speak to a living soul, and from one year’s end to the other he keeps away from church.

People get out of his way when he appears once in a twelve-month down here among us.

He could not possibly be the uncle of all the people in the village, but since everybody spoke of him so, she did the same.

She could not even explain to herself why he was called the Alm-Uncle.

As they got to like me, they wanted to take me along, but I could not leave.

They have come back now and have persuaded me to go with them.” “I am glad I am not the child! “Nobody knows anything about the old man’s life up there.

We acknowledged relationship, my mother’s grandmother being a cousin of his. They always had been fond of each other and they lived very happily as man and wife. Two years afterwards, when Tobias was helping to build a house, a beam fell on him and killed him.

We called him uncle, and because we are related on my father’s side to nearly all the people in the hamlet they too all called him uncle. Adelheid was thrown into a violent fever with grief and fright, and never recovered from it.

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