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She was about to go wake Adam when she saw Natalia come outside in a skimpy little bikini and drop to her knees.

Courtney watched as Natalia pulled down the man's pants and pulled out an average sized cock.

Ron and Claire Miller were uptight and frigid people.

No matter how hard Adam and Courtney tried to be friendly and neighborly, the Millers were rude.

Before that I attended Emory Hall in London." Courtney still looked a little confused. I'm not really surprised my parents didn't mention me; they're much more into their careers than their only child." Natalia said rolling her eyes. They keep to themselves most of the time when they aren't away on business.

In fact, I'm pretty sure they left this morning, were they expecting you to come in today?

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They loved their home and most of their neighbors, everyone that is, except the Millers next door.She stood up and made her way to the kitchen to get something to eat.As she stood over the kitchen sink eating a cookie, she looked out the window and saw a shadow of a man in the Miller's backyard.The driver opened the back passenger side and a young woman stepped out.She glanced around and noticed Courtney standing at the mailbox.

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