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: Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable [RCPT_TO] --- Below this line is a copy of the message. ---------------------------------------------------------- To: [email protected]: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Tracy My name is Julia and I'm Tracy's mother.---------------------------------------------------------- That's strange, wonder what happened there. I just found out a few days ago that she was reading your stories on and had emailed you and chatted on My balls were starting to hurts as they slapped her ass.

I received an email from someone called Tracy who had read one of my stories here on this website.You also should know that you could be in serious trouble over this. ---------------------------------------------------------- To: XXXXXXXXXXXX From: [email protected] Julia I am so sorry about what happened. Her nipples stood out from the swells on her chest and she let out a long moan. Another first in her young life -- cumming with a man's cock in her little tight cunt. Fuck me now David, I want to feel your big cock in my pussy again but don't cum inside me. It's okay Julia, you're only the second woman who has done that. She was pumping and sucking me know and I was close to letting her have my load. Let me have all of your creamy, sticky cum in my mouth.Julia ---------------------------------------------------------- Oh my God am I in deep shit. If you read her emails you will see that I tried to make sure she was over eighteen as I would never want to get involved with a fourteen year old girl. I'm not going to cum inside her Julia, I'm saving that for your mouth as I know how much you like the taste of cum. I pushed my cock into Tracy's wet hole and it slipped in easily. Oh I never knew that a cock in my pussy would feel so good. With that I pumped six streams of cum into her mouth. I was finally through and my now flaccid cock dropped between my legs. We all lay on the bed and relaxed after two hours of wonderful sex. Then Stephanie told them that she was sat on the toilet with her bikini bottoms around her ankles when a man came in and showed his cock to her.I wouldn't care about the divorce, I stopped loving him years ago but I wouldn't want to lose Tracy even though she can be a handful at times. I have to admit that I did a color print of the one with Tracy on your lap and the one of you naked. I'm not dating anyone right now but when I was, I loved to fuck them up their ass. I stroked harder and harder, the head of my cock disappeared and then reappeared into my hand. Her mother had accidentally recorded the session so she clicked on play. That's another first for you -- playing with mommy's nipples. Hurry up as I can't hold myself back for too much longer. xxxxxx Julia ----------------------------------------------------------- To: XXXXXXXXX From: [email protected] I picked up the room key card that Julia had left for me and took the elevator to the eighth floor. Tracy came over and I held both of her hands in mine and looked at here. Her small well formed titties were creamy white with upturned pink nipples. Her mound was quite pronounced and was covered in a curly down. Why don't you two beautiful girls pleasure each other while I take a quick shower. I got on the bed behind Julia and pushed my cock into her open pussy. That's the first cock I've had in my cunt for ages and it feels wonderful. She is growing up fast and I'm having a hard time keeping her hormones in check, but you know about that don't you. I jacked off looking at both laying on my bed and I shot you a load of cum on your big tits and then onto Tracy's face and titties. xxxxxx Julia ----------------------------------------------------------- To: XXXXXXXXXX From: [email protected] Time Julia Yes I do have Face Time, you want to video chat? xxxxxx David ----------------------------------------------------------- To: [email protected]: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Face Time David I can do it this coming Friday at PM EST. xxxxxx Julia ----------------------------------------------------------- Friday at two came and I dialed her phone number. I see you are wearing a tee shirt, what's below the table? Well you have to ditch those boxers first and move your chair so I can see all that you've got down there. Now all I have is a dildo but it's not the same as a cock. I could feel the pressure building and was sure Julia would love to see this. I could see David on the screen and he looked a real hunk. Put your finger into your mom's pussy Tracy I want to see how wet she is. I stopped the nipple play and moved my hand down to mom's crotch. I was bringing my fourteen year old little girl to her first orgasm at the hands of her mother. Julia I've booked a suite at the Omni William Penn hotel for Tuesday night in your name. I found room 816 and put the card in the slot and walked into the room. Julia got up and came over and put her arms around me, pressing her ample breasts to me and kissed me. Julia you look even better in the flesh than on my computer. Her pussy lips had just started to form between her legs. I went into the bathroom, stripped off and showered.

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