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Men turn up looking like throwbacks of that uncle who went to the forest in the name of Mau Mau, and are less funny than their online cheeky bluffs and fewer hopefuls meet beyond the first date.

Whats App is a runaway flirtation forum where endless chatting and exchanging of raunchy and naughty messages and videos is the hook that turns adherents on.

The immediacy of Whats App and its simultaneous ability to be voluminous has revolutionized texting and ‘sexting.’ Inadvertently, it is now the most potent of all the Internet enabled dating platforms, and arguably the largest given all you need is a Smartphone.

Inside dating dens Expectant hope, desperation, indifference, bitterness and smiles pregnant with erotic promise are some of the images the profile pictures of those in dating sites portray.

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Besides chat members in Kenya, Dating Chat Now also offers free dating chat member list in many other locations.

Dating Chat Now Chat member lists in nearby locations are listed below.

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When this writer signed up to one dating site with a tailored profile, more than 30 chicks twisting their trying 30s expressed interest.

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