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Creating marketing elements to advertise over web, social media and print materials to increase participation and positive awareness of events, programs and services.

This position is also responsible for implementing and maintaining the organization’s technology infrastructure by coordinating technology-related matters, evaluating new technologies to be used as enhancements or upgrades of existing software or hardware and deal with vendors for the purchase of such.

Is he supposed to object that the district court sentence is unreasonable?

Ordinarily we review non-guideline sentences for "unreasonableness" and "apply an abuse of discretion standard of review to the reasonableness inquiry." Where the defendant fails to preserve an error, however, we generally apply a plain error standard, which requires considerable deference to the district court and erects a more substantial hurdle to reversal of a sentence than does the reasonableness standard....

Although the district court deviated strikingly far above the guidelines range, we cannot conclude that any insufficient weight given to the guidelines constitutes plain error.seems so wrong. October 24, 2007 at AM | Permalink Track Back URL for this entry: Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Plain error review adopted by Fifth Circuit to affirm large upward variance: Isn't it enough to say that Booker told the circuits what standard of review to apply, and that "plain error" was not it? | Oct 24, 2007 AM Well, and also, I don't know what the CA5 means by "Peltier did not object to the sentence." Was he supposed to say "I'd prefer not to go to prison quite that long"?

The university strongly recommends all faculty, staff and students regularly ensure their Stan Alert contact information is up-to-date via the portal on this page.

Most importantly, a text message number should be included for the cell phone individuals will carry while on campus.

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