Lina and mark hiden cam

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No agencies could give 100% percent guaranteed jobs, but we guaranteed you chances & publicity! Won singing competition for all six years in primary school and can act becos of her singing background.

Thus, why pay for thousands of dollars for portfolio & end up may not get anything, where we only charge an one time affordable 0SGD for our (Star Promo with guaranteed paid assignments plus given with Assignments priority) where we promote & advertise you 24 hours every mins & secs long term, and this page is accessed even by Big production houses, Movie Companies and TV Stations! Carefree and independent, Hsueh Lin walks the path of sunshine and flowers with her hard work. Chinese Eurasian and speaks and acts in Mandarin too!!!! He is looking for a girlfriend for serious long term relationship for marriage only.

Proficient in Guitar, he is going to have a blast at Stardom!! Incredible charming character, poised and incredibly stunning and good looking! Stanely is a professional S League Star Player and is an attacking Midfielder....!!!! We feel so blessed such a talented handsome manly star could be in our team.... This tall very good looking Kavin emerges as the new stunning man that started to sing and shine...

Mervyn is what we called the handsome thick eyebrows guy who frequent the gym and really has what it takes to be beaming in the Media industry. Lim Jing is such a gorgeous and from a really nice well to do family! He used to be alot fatter, but he determines to lose alot of weight and determines to really look better and better.. We really love him so much for being so humble and yet so stunningly beautiful in and out! Hot, sexy, gorgeous, Elva lookalike and powerful in English Mandain Japanese and Spainish!

we can only stood in awe by the creation of such a beautiful human beings.... Very pleasant, very very pleasant and really very very very very pleasant and yes, very very very very pleasant and nice lady!!

Leonard Paves the way to a very sexy and wonderful future with us as we are going to give him unlimited promotions and publicity... Cannot imagine a lady has can keep her youth and beauty after so many years, she still does not know she is really can make it lady!

Filling in will constitute as cheating for double payment and will be handled by the police. We feel that he can really make it Big with his shocking wonderful dancing skills!! Her dedication in life and studies and her dedications in trying to improve on herself.. Wonderful and awesome, she is the really tip choice!

Kon Yong is what we called the really fantastic attitude and really attractive sensual smile.. Nick can be said as someone that really has the quality to be a champion and to be the winner!

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