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Luckily, for the second car I did have insurance, but the insurance company only agreed to pay out the remaining balance on that car loan and so I was again carless.Third car deposit, and four years later I am feeling trapped in this cycle where I am getting about 0 in Pay Pal fees every month.But the slowdown’s timing—as well as Macy’s vocal, disgruntled shoppers on social media—is a black eye that could be heal as retail becomes increasingly cutthroat in the face of e-commerce’s 2017 gains. Customers waiting in line for 20 plus minutes aren't happy this #Black Friday.

Basically, I am terrified that I have ruined my life completely through an act which was made at a time of high stress and was short sighted, but done with the intention of saving my job.I can use Pay Pal to get cash out of the card and into my bank account, so what I have been doing is waiting until the bill is due (a new billing cycle) and taking out that amount with Pay Pal, then using the cash to pay it off, plus adding in my own money to try and reduce the balance a little.This just means I get charged Pay Pal fees for the cash advance, and it means nothing more is due until the next billing cycle.Looking to resolve issues like these, company CEO Jeff Gennette put a plan in place called “North Star,” which aimed to not just position Macy’s as a store, but as an authority on gift-giving.“Our customers really look to us for fashion curation and guidance, more so than to other retail brands,” Gennette told Fortune.

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