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At the hospital, Ned was relieved to see that Alexis was not hurt, and although he had not completely forgiven her for leaving him at the altar, they agreed to work on their problems.

That didn't last long, though, and they continually fought.

Chloe's new friends stepped in to help her when she was in danger of losing her company if she did not marry within the month.

Alexis suggested that Ned and Chloe marry in Las Vegas, and everyone agreed.

However, Chloe's aunt arrived and claimed that a Las Vegas wedding did not qualify.

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Alexis was desperate to get rid of Helena, and she teamed up with Luke Spencer.One night while on tour in Detroit, Ned returned to his hotel room with an interviewer and camera crew doing a story on "A Day in the Life of Eddie Maine." All was going well -- until Ned opened the door and found Alexis waiting on the bed for him, wearing nothing but a teddy and holding a rose in her teeth.Affectionately nicknamed "Eddie's Angel," Alexis could do nothing to escape the press, fan letters, Internet sites, and emails.After many obstacles, they finally made it to the wedding day.As Nikolas escorted her down the aisle, Alexis began to have nightmares about becoming a Quartermaine wife, and she fled.

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