Millinaire dating

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Lord, right now, I really need a job that will last me forever. Please provide me the job that will last me forver in mylife. Especially, encouragement is what I need the most in my life. Pelase lord give me the strength and encouragement and knowledgement. thank you Father Dear God, I really need you badly GOD! God, I just don't know what to do anymore but to talk to you everyday and every minute and every second. I need knowledge, jobs, strength, and knowledge for my kids. God please bless the world, stop hatred, stop the wars, stop the crime! Please bless my family and give them nothing more but long, healthy happy long lives! Help my family accept your light love and help Help me undestand your plan and goals for my lifeand my familyplease watch over US and bless us while we wonder lost on this earth YOU are the Light and the only way. you be able to hear me everytime when I call on you. Father, you're up there watching over me and you be able to tell which kind a job that i be fit into. please help me Father, when no one can help me, its only you that i can turn to. I have had the thing most important in my life taken away My grandchildrenplease forgive me for sins too many to list and guide me daily in ways I can understand.

I need a job so bad Lord, i can barely keep up with my bills. You know me better than anyone, and You know how to motivate me and guide me. I beg of you in the name of your loving son Jesus Christ to bring me back to you... I want to be all I can be and make my mother proud. dear God, U know every thing about condition, my urgency of job...every thing u know,& I know what ever u r doing presently with me my life is for my own good, but god ..mind is very unstable despite knowing all the facts..prayer is to u is do,what ever u r doing a bit quicker else give me peace of mind or stable heart mind... Remember when he does,you must continue to improve in your faith. Well Lord I am there with her please hear her cries and bless her. God, I love You with all my heart and soul, and I really need You to come through for me now. Amen Lord i don't just need you to help me tonight i need you to help the people that are in need of you.Today I woke up and I did not have the energy even to pray. Then why do I have to be alone for over 40 years and I can't meet my soul mate and desperately longing to live in the place that I am dreaming for so long? Try to trust that this is such a time of preparation for you.I looked at the computer and thought, "Will God hear me if I send him a message." I felt so weird. You gave me a job and a place to live so I don't have a job for a few weeks... I like to have a job and be able to live in the place that I wanted for so long... Please lead me into the blessed land and give me a chance to glorify you by doing your work... Continue to hope for love and know that God sees your loneliness.And happiness and energy and creativity to help our world, our life on the earth to evolve into peaceful and loving and beautiful existence. It just seems like your love is the only I can ever get and I know that should be enough but I just need help. My kids will have no Christmas presents this year but they know the true meaning of Christmas and without You Lord we are nothing. I'm tired of the restriction which i have been getting from when i was born.. I don't understand the reason I should live alone everyday... My home feels so empty without him, his laughter, his stories, his smile, and his advice. I have no money, no job, and I feel the weight of debt.I don't wanna face this alone and i need you here with me. I hate myself when I fail because I feel you watching. I am thankful that we still have a roof over our head for the moment and family that have fed us. I am working and it's not enough to make ends meet. please help live for my interest god.. I am worried about my grandmother, my mom, my younger brother, and the rest of my family who miss his presence here. All that aside, I could be happy if only Kaylee would stay with me.

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