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A first question generally in Fiji is “Where are you from? Tau (friend); Vu (Spirit); having the same Vu, root or founder.

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The Fijian terms in this article are most often of the Bauan dialect.

The land is the physical or geographical entity of the people, upon which their survival..a group depends. the most prominent chief from the most prominent family.

To explain further, a Vanua is the largest collective group of people associated with a particular territory or area of land.

Category 2, Liga ni Wau, is indicated by the number 7 (Vitu). First there is 3, the Bati, traditionally Warriors, they are the wagers of war, the keepers of the peace, and the instruments of discipline on behalf of the Turaga.

Then there is subcategory 2: Matai - a general term for skillful persons, (e.g. The last subcategory, 2 Dau, is the general term for an expert of some kind (e.g. It is said socially, “Ke na Dau qori”, meaning “He is the expert”.

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