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If they are going to, it's going to be private — when they're alone together back at the villa.I felt the girl that it happened to handled it well.

It's just there, so it becomes less about the sexuality and more about the person. excited, and that happened on a couple of the dates; there's a yoga date and she's in a pose basically on top of him, and he was excited.Will there ever be a more risqué director's cut, or is that not allowed, contractually? There are some crazy dates — zip-lining naked has to be up there, also horseback riding naked, because of the sheer logistics of being naked on a horse. We had lots of adventurous dates, but also romantic ones — a real wide range.Yes, there are iron-clad agreements confirming that none of this footage will ever be released without the blurs. One couple went four-wheeling through the jungle, another went on a water trampoline. Would you say the dates got more sexual than they might on a "regular" dating show?Were there any ground rules laid out for those hard-on moments, like "acceptable touch" or "personal space" guidelines?It was the responsibility of the couples to set boundaries, just as you would on a real date.

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