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Through cut-scenes, their relationships improve as the characters climb up ranks, culminating in S rank, which is only unlockable with two characters of the opposite sex and which enables them to marry.Because of the fact that they're relatively easy to make, dating sims have been created by many indie designers.These are often found in Tactical RPG games, where unlocking a social link can boost certain stats.For example: in Fire Emblem: Awakening, pairing up two units in battle improves their relationship, which can grant "rank" upgrades in the Social menu.

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Hatoful Boyfriend is a parody of the dating sim genre.In order to woo a suitor and get the "good ending," the player needs to pick the best choice out of multiple options (usually two to three) that reflects the suitor's personality.Picking the wrong choice can have the meter decrease, potentially harming the player, depending on the game.While Hatoful Boyfriend uses many typical dating sim characteristics and many character archetypes featured in dating sims, it is notable for one parodic option: all of your suitors are birds.The cheap price of the game helped spread it to the popular consciousness.

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