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So it seems only fair that we should offer the same courtesy to the other one we mentioned at the time, The National. Most of the pundits in Scotland’s Unionist media said we wouldn’t last till Christmas. So we thought we would try to address the most common questions here.

It’s three years old today – how the time’s flown – and its editor Callum Baird wants your support. The truth is that it would be incredibly difficult to launch a successful daily independent newspaper today without the backing of a large publisher.

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The best thing you can do is put in an order with your newsagent’s and make sure you get a copy of the paper EVERY day.

We know we have a major problem here, and there are several factors which contribute to it.

First, The National – unlike most other papers – is a pan-Scottish title that doesn’t have a natural geographic base (for example, like The Herald has in Glasgow or the Scotsman in Edinburgh).

It is an automated system (it would be impossible to manually control the number of copies going into to 4500 shops on a daily basis).

One major problem is that the number of copies we sell is very volatile.

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