Noel fielding is dating

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When Patrick Mc Goohan asked her to be the voice that hails the villagers in his 1967 television series, The Prisoner, she recalls, "He told me not to be too sexy. She concedes that she grew up in Lower Clapton, Hackney, and went to North London Collegiate School, but won't say which London drama school she attended. There were rows every morning." "Because your parents didn't want you to act?

I mean," she adds, "such a thought would never have occurred to me." Most performers who have spent over 50 years in showbusiness have generated a thick and colourful stack of newspaper cuttings. "I think you're on record as saying it was Rada." "I ... " "I had to hide every morning, until Daddy had gone out to work. I feel I just can't." [Friends say that she has had the same escort – "a distinguished-looking gentleman", one said, "of about her own age" – for at least a decade.] "It's unusual to meet an instinctively private person, in a profession where most people are only too keen to talk about themselves." "Well, that's a double-edged sword, isn't it? " "People can turn on you." "But the good side of public attention is that it keeps your name alive." "That's true. But after 18 months of that..." She went on to co-write, and star in, a satire on theatrical vanity called So Much to Remember: The Life Story of a Very Great Lady, promoted by her friend, the late William ' Donaldson: impresario, author of the classic Henry Root Letters and subject of Terence Blacker's compelling recent biography, You Cannot Live as I Have Lived and Not End Up Like This. "It's really splendid, my dear," she once told a fellow actress who was showing off her new house in Wandsworth. " She had no difficulty holding her own in the company of humorists such as Donaldson, Cook and Jeffrey Bernard (the late Spectator columnist is the only lover whose name she will confirm, even though "it wasn't a really serious fling – he was always so pissed").

The tone of ironic seduction and improbable poshness that she brought to her two Carry on... Coconut squares dipped in chocolate, wrapped in gold paper." Fielding laughs.

films and movies such as Doctor in Clover, never fades. "Lovely." She admits to being the daughter of Philip Feldman, who arrived in Britain aged about three, from Russia, and his wife Tilly, who was Romanian.

It's rare that all participants emerge from a studio equally enamoured of the result, and Fielding's Rochdale excursion has proved to be no exception.

Britton is broadly satisfied with the surreal experience of applying Fielding's laryngitic sensuality to classics of modern songwriting.

You may recall Baron Mayhew of Wimbledon's sampled contribution to "Christopher Mayhew Says" by Scottish psychedelic band The Shamen, where the Liberal peer attempts, with little success, to count from one to 20 while under the influence of mescaline, a substance he had ingested under clinical supervision for a Panorama investigation into the effects of hallucinogens.

And last year, at a recording studio in Rochdale, there occurred perhaps the most surprising collision in the recent history of contemporary music.

Fielding had previously recorded literature for Savoy, including excerpts from JG Ballard's challenging classic of morbid eroticism, Crash.

Fielding pioneered the notion that a young British woman could write and perform stand-up comedy, with her solo shows and musical revues at places such as Peter Cook's Establishment club.

Her Hedda Gabler was described by The Times as "one of the experiences of a lifetime".

Yet she has somehow come to be remembered only as a sort of cartoon vamp.

If there's a single image that defines her in the public's memory, it's the one in which Valeria, her character in Carry on Screaming, who is a member of the living dead, reclines on a chaise-longue and asks "Do you mind if I smoke?

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