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C, hunting peoples had occupied most of North America, south of the glacial ice cap covering the northern part of North America.

These men hunted such large grazing mammals as mammoth, mastodon, horse, and camel.

Odds being against such striking parallel evolution, paleontologists speculate that dromaeosaurs more likely originated more than 180 million years ago, before Pangaea broke apart.

The newly discovered fossil also shows that the creatures developed slightly different characteristics after they split up.

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For now they want the general audience to see it and understand it, and for their peers to study it -- and even challenge it. is long before the ancient African is known to have occupied EAST ASIA.

The scientists say they found what appear to be hammerstones and stone anvils at the site, showing that ancient humans had the manual skill and knowledge to use stone tools to extract the animal's Bone Marrow and possibly to use its bones to make tools.

The site was named Cerutti Mastodon site, in honor of Richard Cerutti, who made the discovery and led the excavation.

"Buitreraptor is one of those special fossils that tells a bigger story about the Earth's history and the timing of evolutionary events," said Peter Makovicky, curator of dinosaurs at The Field Museum.

"It not only provides definitive evidence for a more global distribution and a longer history for dromaeosaurs than was previously known, but also suggests that dromaeosaurs on northern and southern continents took different evolutionary routes after the landmasses that they had occupied, drifted apart." The Buitreraptor fossil was found in northwestern Patagonia (the southern end of the South America continent) about 700 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

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