Predating the bible art intimidating life tattoo

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This story assumes (as was the thinking then) that the earth was flat and was at the center of the universe. Second, for the sun to stop would mean that the earth would have to cease rotating on its axis -- an event which would destroy the planet. For many of the miracle stories, natural explanations exist.The authors of these stories lived in an age when people believed that solar eclipses were divine omens, disease was divine punishment, and mental illness was caused by demon possession.

According to physics, the Big Bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago. Many of the stories are also scientifically impossible, like the tale of Joshua stopping the sun moving across the sky.In the case of Jesus, healing was an important part of his ministry.However, today we can find faith healers in Haiti who practice voodoo and in tribal Africa who practice witchcraft.The Epic of Gilgamesh -- a Sumerian poem detailing the creation of the universe that predates the writings of Genesis by many centuries -- contains a flood story whose plot points are almost identical to the story of Noah. The other world religions also contain rich histories of mythology and fantastical sounding (to us) stories.On what basis can we Christians claim that our miracle stories are legitimate, yet theirs are flights of fancy?

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