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LGBT youth can begin to feel different from their same gender peers as early as kindergarten although there is no sexual connotation to those feelings.By the time they reach middle school, most sexual minority students realize that they are physically and emotionally attracted to people of the same gender.Many youth who recognize that they are gay or lesbian do not engage in sex, and questioning or heterosexual youth may have sex with a person of the same gender without becoming a sexual minority adult.Deciding whether to come out, and whom to come out to first, can be an extremely painful process.We are a group of service-oriented agencies that came together in 2016 with a BIG vision: to create a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary service model where teams of professionals come together under one roof to provide coordinated services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, bullying, and human trafficking.We desire to offer our community a kind-hearted, victim-centered home where victims and their children come first as they work through the healing process.Specific acts of school violence included LGBT students being urinated and ejaculated on, being attacked with weapons, receiving death threats, having their clothes pulled off, and being gang raped.

Indeed, these students are among the most vulnerable students in middle level and high schools.

They face the same social and developmental challenges as their peers but often do so with the added burden of extreme social isolation, self-doubt, and fear.

An estimated 10% of students are exclusively homosexual (Kinsey, 1948, as cited in Uribe & Harbeck, 1991), but many schools fail to provide adequate safeguards or promote factual awareness about the nature of sexual orientation in human development.

Although principals should be sensitive to differing perspectives within their school community, they must provide the leadership to ensure a safe and affirming educational environment for all students.

It is important to develop policies based on science and research that dispel misinformation and help students, staff members, and parents work together to create a school climate in which the rights and dignity of all individuals are upheld.

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