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There are simply better opportunities for these men in the west, as well as more social freedom and a relatively independent media, for now.From an employment point of view Russian women get paid up to 50% less for doing the exact same type of work as their male colleagues.For the women involved they often felt a certain amount of shame that they couldn’t find a Russian man to fall in love with.But the truth behind why so many Russian women sign up for mail order bride companies is completely different.This is reinforced by the number of very successful female Russian entrepreneurs in the United States, acting as a beacon of hope to future immigrants.Russian women are curious and adventurous by nature, and want to see as much of the world as possible.Russian men also have a reputation for being habitual cheaters - infidelity is something they expect to get away with, and without their wife or girlfriend questioning why they're sleeping with other women.So, where an American or Australian guy might have a psychological meltdown for even thinking about cheating on their girlfriend, their Russian counterpart will quite happily cheat on their girlfriends while they're at the same party or in the same club.

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Unfortunately for them the stereotypical Russian guy isn't interested in that, and expects his wife or girlfriend to be nothing more than his obedient housewife, and to fulfill his sexual needs when he's sober enough to want sex.

In fact, there's been an exodus of almost 2 million eligible bachelors in the last few years alone.

This isn't just creating a dating crisis, with an adverse effect on population growth and sustainability, it's also creating an intense skills problem.

Let’s find out for real (more or less) what is going on with Halloween these days.

Over on the Free-Range Kids Facebook page, we’ve got a poll running: What age did you let your children start trick or treating on their own, without you or another adult, or even older siblings.

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