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I guided him slowly, enjoying the feeling of his large dick fill me, until he bottomed out and his scratchy pubic hair scratched against my soft thighs. Pushing my bikini over my cheeks, he grabbed my ass with his large hands, gripping and driving me up and down his pole.

I clenched at the feel of his control and he groaned and sped up the pace. He ripped the rest of the bikini away, pushed me down into the water until I thought I'd drown, then pulled me back up and turned me around and plowed into me.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a few extra pounds of muscle?

Think of Bodywhat as digital mirror that takes in your body and instantly compares it to every other.

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I kind of Envy the Man that gets to share you in his life.

None filled me like a cool giant body of water to dip my head in, float in, and swim around until my skin shriveled. There were days I wore swimsuits, and there were days I didn't. I watched the camera the whole time, thinking of my friend watching me from his computer and stroking self.

It was dark and small, and barely visible underneath the outdoor speaker. Using the lubrication, I stuck two fingers in, lifting my hips up, to stick them deeper, and imagining the cock behind the camera filling me, just like my fingers.

Find out how sexy you look, what's your body type, to whom celebrities you look like, and even how jacked you look -- all from an objective point of view. Or maybe you'd like to track your progress and do a before/after comparison? You should totally try it out Here is a picture that explains how to create your own report.

Bodywhat estimates the bodyfat percentage of your body by comparing it to thousands of others kept in a reference set. Bodywhat's 3D mapping engine will create a 3D model of yourself using a single picture of your body. Everything Bodywhat does is data driven and resorts to a wide variety of tools ranging from Computer vision to Bayesian Statistics.

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