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I love this exercise, and think it's probably the most useful one for me.It's much more challenging than the matching exercises because you must do all the work yourself - no multiple choice - so it's great for ensuring I've learned all the details and nuances of the language.With Fluenz, I feel like I enjoyed learning more and that the learning "stuck." Rather than being thrown in the deep end and being expected to figure things out for myself, I liked having an on-screen tutor explain grammar rules and vocabulary.I also liked the various techniques used, and I'll get into that more after my story.I find myself often pausing the explanation to write down notes on all that I'm learning.Following the tutorial, there's a section where you can hear and repeat each new vocab word/phrase one by one, to practice your pronunciation and train your ear.Different people learn in different ways, but I can say the Fluenz style worked very well for me.

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I actually prefer listening without the subtitles first, to see how much I can understand, but that's just personal preference.

The conversation is followed by a thorough breakdown of the new vocab and structures by the on-screen tutor.

This is the most useful part of the program, and the thing that really distinguishes Fluenz from a lot of other language programs out there, because it's a clear explanation of the "rules" and vocabulary of French.

The next several paragraphs are a thorough breakdown of the different sections in each session of Fluenz French.

It may be more information than you need, but I appreciated knowing what various exercises would be offered for each session before I made my purchase, and I'm hoping you will too. Each session starts with a brief intro from the on-screen tutor, followed by a brief conversation in French.

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