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I hope those of you reading this, who chose not to acquire this info in the game itself, will find this guide useful and informative.Perhaps you'll think twice before killing certain foes once you're aware of their tragic past, or appreciate the beauty of the landscape in a particular locale a bit more upon learning of its history.

More than 700 years are marked in the charts of history since her founding, yet many are the armies that have sought to claim her for her cultural richness and strategic importance.

Please do not contact me asking such questions, because you will not get a response.

Personally, I find the amount of background provided for nearly everything in FFXII to be very interesting reading, and no doubt there are plenty of others who do, as well (and plenty who don't, I'm sure).

Many merchants make a point of stopping in the villages to trade on their way to and from Rabanastre.

* * * * * * * * * 004 - Wild Saurian / Genus - Dragon / Classification - Tyrant Observations: Once lords of the land together with the other wyrmkin; a war with the gods dwindled their numbers to a mere fraction of their former glory.

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