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‘Rexbot’, as the name suggests, is a Facebook Messenger-based chatbot which is capable of answering most of your sex-related questions. With an avatar based on Durex’s brand ambassador Ranveer Singh, the idiosyncratic chatbot not only answers queries about the act but also has answers to your questions about the mind, body, and everything else.

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You know what I mean :p And, yes, In Rexbot people of both genders can get their sex-related queries answered.One of the biggest taboos in India is the topic of sex.This single three letter 'word' has the capability of bringing embarrassment on people's faces when discussed in public.“We have specially created two animated characters called Rex and Roxy who are the ‘sutradhar’ for content on male and female sexuality.Users of the Bot can ‘Buy’ Durex products as well as ‘View’ Durex content (TVCs etc).

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