Teen dating violence abuse

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Teens, like adults, sometimes have trouble recognizing that they are in an abusive relationship, experts say.

The impact of domestic violence on children may continue through adolescence and adulthood.

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But it did not provide specific numbers on those differences.

But as they seek to understand why so many young people hit, demean or force sex on their partners, much remains unclear.

One big question: Are boys and girls really equally at risk to become victims or abusers?

The results suggest there is a "violence trajectory" and "if it's not addressed, it will escalate."While programs at school and elsewhere in communities may help, families can play a central role.

In his own survey of 1,525 Latino youths ages 12 to 18, Cuevas says he found that boys with the strong family support "typical in traditional Latino culture" were less likely to psychologically abuse dates.

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