Teens dating middle aged men

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Claims of “biological imperatives” are nothing more than prurience hiding behind the cloak of science.Yet the influence of popular culture is real—and David has been raised to see teen girls as the zenith of desirability.Can the age of the people to whom we are most attracted age with us, or is it doomed to stay stuck at one particular chronological point?

And though David might not like to consider it so, there’s no question that for a great many men, the sexual fascination with much younger women lies in the not-entirely-incorrect assumption that they will be less demanding and easier to manipulate than their older sisters.

I feel like I just can’t turn it off.” David wanted to “turn it off” and find women his own age attractive.

He didn’t want to accept Derbyshire’s claim about women’s desperately brief “salad days.” But what could he do?

I’ve gotten a few notes over the years from men in exactly that position.

Last summer, I got a letter from a 33 year-old man, David, who wrote “I often find myself attracted to high school girls…more so than women my own age.

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